Zane Spang

Zane Spang is a Photographer/filmmaker from SouthEastern Montana. Earlier on in his life visual arts had always captivated him till he acquired a camera at a young age. It wasn’t till he left Colorado till he explored past his creative boundaries. Trying to find ways to celebrate his First Nations heritage through visual aspects and through the lens. Spang paints a visual documentation of his experience.

Aurora Hiraeth Visuals name:

Welsh concept of longing for home. 'Hiraeth' is a word which cannot be completely translated, meaning more than solely "missing something" or "missing home."

The times I have experienced the northern Lights, has always left a reminisce of home. A nostalgia that I always seem to miss during my travels. My experience is visually surreal and makes me question my existence that much more. The way I try to visualize the world is through that same lens. So the name represents those three introspections.